2017 SDN Annual Report

Launched in 2014, Sydney Democracy Network is an association of researchers, policy makers and citizens actively concerned with the future of democracy. Based at the University of Sydney, with a strong focus on the Asia Pacific region, SDN stands for the bold rethinking and practical advancement of democracy, understood not only as a form of government but as a way of life committed to greater equality and the public scrutiny and restraint of unjust power.

As this fourth annual report makes clear, the work of SDN is robustly non-partisan. We enjoy links within Australia and elsewhere in our Asia Pacific region, as well as in Europe, Latin America and the United States. SDN activities are supported by a diverse and dynamic network of individuals and organisations.

Our partners include academics and students, writers and researchers, journalists, news editors and film makers, citizen activists and policy advisors. Together they represent a broad spectrum of people and organisations who are concerned about the dangerous challenges facing democracy today. They are equally committed to a 21st-century agenda of building sustainable democratic institutions and ways of life, in a variety of settings, in support of the democratic principle that on our planet nobody is entitled to rule arbitrarily over other people and the environments in which they dwell.

Annual Report 2017


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