Democracy today, democracy tomorrow.

In the face of new, exciting and dangerous political trends, the Sydney Democracy Network (SDN) is a dedicated coalition of researchers, activists, policy-makers and citizens concerned with the future of democracy.

SDN is based at the University of Sydney with a strong focus on the Asia Pacific region.

SDN is non-partisan.

We stand for a broad rethinking of democracy, not only as a form of government but as a way of life committed to greater equality and the accountability of power.

SDN is a multi-layered initiative with partnerships in Australia, Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific.

SDN is engaged in path-breaking research on democracy and promotes collaborative investigation through in-depth projects with the participation of visiting fellows, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers.

SDN contributes actively to public debate in the media and regularly hosts public events: a series of lunchtime talks, public evening talks and the annual SDN Encounter and Festival of Democracy at the University of Sydney.

Long-term, SDN aims to form a new global network of researchers, activists and policy makers concerned with the fate of democracy in our times.

We are strongly committed to our Asia Pacific region, a globally significant testing ground of new political trends that may be preparing us for a world beyond democracy as we know it today.