ARTICLE | ‘Sport and Democracy in Classical Athens’, El Futuro del Pasado 6, 69-86

David M. Pritchard, El Futuro del Pasado, nº 6, 2015, pp. 69-86

ISSN: 1989-9289

In Classical Greece, the institution of democracy in Athens allowed all its citizens to get access to politics, but athletics were only played by the elite of the society. This paper deals with the ties between democracy and sport practice in Athens, looking for and analysing the reasons because of which athletics were highly valued and supported by the lower class. Tis support was made through pro-sport politics, in the management of sporting infrastructure and protection of athletics from the public criticism that was normally directed at the upper class and its conspicuous activities. One of those reasons was the conception of sporting events and war-battles in identical terms.
KeywordsClassical Athens; democracy; sport; athletics; war; society.

Corresponding author

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