VIDEO | Cambodia: Rampant Corruption – State Endorsed

  • Speaker: Prof Jonathan Bogais
  • Event: The New Despotisms, 2014 Festival of Democracy
  • Venue: The University of Sydney
  • Time: 27 September 2014

Please notice that the video is part of the symposium The New Despotisms, each speaker addresses concisely on a specific topic.

Dr Jonathan Bogais is a specialist in foreign affairs with over three decades working in the Asia/Pacific region. He was the Southeast Asia bureau chief for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the 1980s, and a UN adviser during the negotiations of the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement on Cambodia. He still works with the UN, specialising in ethnicity and sectarianism in conflict. He is an adjunct associate professor with the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Sydney.

  • Don Jameson
    Posted at 08:45h, 11 October

    Professor Bogais has apparently never been to Cambodia. His comments betray a complete lack of understanding about the economic development and social change which are transforming the country and gradually improving the lives of most Cambodians. He reads out a litany of complaints about corruption and human rights violations but does not seem to have any plan of action for addressing them. Does he expect Cambodia (or any country) to magically transform itself into a modern democracy just because he does not like some of the things that are happening there. Cambodia has a long history and deep traditional culture which cannot be erased just with the stroke of a pen as he seems to think should have been the case with the signing of the Paris accords. I suggests that he needs to spend some time getting to know Cambodia before trying to dictate how its people should live their lives.

    • Giovanni Navarria
      Posted at 14:49h, 15 October

      Dear Mr Jameson

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for your time. I must respectfully disagree with your statement on the simple ground that you seem to miss the whole point of the video, that is you are taking it out of context. As you can read from the description and find out more on our website, this video was part of the symposium on The New Despotisms an event that took place on September 27, as part of SDN Festival of Democracy 2014. Each speaker at the symposium was invited to address concisely the despotic trends of our time, hence Prof. Bogais’ video about Cambodia. Naturally it would be preposterous to think that one could address thoroughly Cambodia’s troubled past and complicated present in 6 min, but this was never Prof Bogais’ purpose, neither was it the Symposium’s goal.

      To read more about the Symposium visit this page

      Best regards

      Dr. Giovanni Navarria
      Postdoctoral Fellow
      Sydney Democracy Network
      School of Social and Political Science
      The University of Sydney
      NSW 2006