FESTIVAL | Capital in the Twenty-First Century

In the grand tradition of political economy, Thomas Piketty’s study of the evolution of inequality since the beginning of the industrial rFoD-blockNEWorangeevolution has become an unlikely global best-seller. Why? The session will feature a short video chosen by Thomas Piketty and contributions from three distinguished analysts of his work.

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Photo_of_Salvatore_BabonesAssociate Professor Salvatore Babones is the author or editor of eight books and more than two dozen academic research articles. His academic research focuses on emerging market societies, comparative economic development, and statistical methods for social science research. He has recently embarked on a major cross-national study of emerging market societies.

View Salvatore Babones’s article: ‘Piketty, Inequality, and the Rich.’


Dr Melinda Cooper graduated from the University of Paris VIII in 2001 with a doctorate focusing on recent developments in French and Italian political theory. She has published widely in the fields of science and technology studies, biopolitics and political theory. Her research interests include: biopolitics and biosecurity; new theories of labour; economic sociology and financialization; revolutionary conservatism and religious revival; critical race and gender studies; philosophies and politics of the ‘event’.

View Melinda Cooper’s article: ‘The Return of Inherited Wealth – on Thomas Piketty’


Emeritus Professor Frank Stilwell f_stilwellis a well-known critic of conventional economics and an advocate of alternative economic strategies, which prioritise social justice and economic sustainability. He has taught for over 40 years at the University of Sydney and twice been awarded the University’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

View Frank Stilwell’s article: ‘Inequality: Who Cares?”