ANNOUNCEMENT | 2014 Berlin Doctoral Fellowships


Ly Phan is currently a PhD Candidate at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney. She holds a Bachelor degree in Vietnam and a Master degree from the University of Washington, United States, both in Sociology. Before continuing her PhD education, she had been working as a researcher at the Institute of Sociology in Vietnam. She is also an Endeavour Postgraduate Award holder and a Harvard-Yenching alumna.

Ly’s research interests include demography, gender equality, population, migration and urbanization in Vietnam and Southeast Asian region. She is working on her thesis, “Women’s Empowerment and Fertility Changes in Southeast Asia”, which focuses on how women’s empowerment indicators affect their fertility decision, and consequently to the amazing fertility decline in Southeast Asia. She uses large-scale Demographic and Health Surveys data sets in her analysis with a focus on quantitative methods.


Olga Oleinikova is a PhD Candidate in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney, Australia. Olga’s areas of interest are East European societies in transition, (im)migration/ethnicity (policies, settlement, and adaptation), social change, post-Soviet migration to EU and Asia-Pacific, transnationalism, life-course and gender. Her current research project focuses on post-Soviet migration to Australia and is centered on the bifurcation of migrants into “achievement” and “survival” life strategies shaped by post-socialist societal transitions: economic situations, state policies and transnational networks. During her previous studies at Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University (Ukraine), she has undertaken research on female labour migration in EU (Italy and Poland) and marginalization processes in contemporary Ukrainian society. She has over five years of market research industry experience using quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. She currently teaches in “Introduction to Sociology” and “Global Society & Culture” units at the University of Sydney and works for Ukrainian Studies Foundation in Australia.

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