PODCAST | Rethinking Politics in the Asia/Pacific Region – 10 Sept

The dramatic transformation triggered by the rise of China and India, the re-emergence of nationalism in Japan and the United States’ Asia/Pacific ‘rebalancing’ is having a profound impact on regional alliances. How can relationships between constitutional statehood, democracy, human rights and freedom of expression in this changing context actually develop? Which norms guide action and what happens when different norms are in discordance with each other? For example, should regional alliances and free-trade partnerships include one-party-dominated political systems that are engaged in violence, censorship and corruption, such as Cambodia?  How ethical is a US and Australian military collaboration with Myanmar’s own military in the current socio-political environment?

The panel will consist of a team of specialists in the fields of security, democracy, media, ethics and international humanitarian services delivery. Panelists include: Professor John Keane (Director, Sydney Democracy Network), Professor James Der Derian (Director, Centre for International Security Studies),  A/Professor Salvatore Babones (sociologist), Adjunct A/Professor Jonathan Bogais (social scientist & foreign affairs specialist), Jonathan Edwards (Manager for public affairs and advocacy with Médecins Sans Frontières), and Adele Webb (PhD Candidate, former Director Jubilee Australia).

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