PODCAST | The Conversation and the Future of Journalism

  • Speaker: Andrew Jaspan
  • Date: Tuesday 19 August
  • Time: 6 to 7.30pm
  • Venue: General Lecture Theatre, The Quadrangle, the University of Sydney.
  • Cost: Free event with registration required – SYDNEY IDEAS

In the opening event of this year’s Festival of Democracy, SDN is excited to host a public lecture by co-founder and editor of The Conversation, Andrew Jaspan. Launched at a time of major upheavals within mainstream media, The Conversation is a unique initiative: a world’s first attempt to create a new type of web-based collaboration between academics and journalists, a not-for-profit commitment to publish materials with ‘academic rigour, journalistic flair’. Andrew Jaspan will share his thoughts about the emerging role of The Conversation, the 21st-century challenges it faces and the long-term public importance of open access information.

Andrew Jaspan’s presentation will be followed by comments by Dr Fiona Martin, a media and communications specialist at the University of Sydney, and Peter Hartcher, political editor and international editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.





Article | The Conversation and a model towards the future of journalism

IMAGE: “Blinded By Journalism 2”. Credit: Ahmad Hammoud (2011)