EVENT | Why remember the past? The case of June 4th

  • Date: 4 June, 2014
  • Time: 6:00 – 8:30pm
  • Venue: NSW Parliament, Theatrette

In the spring months of 1989, millions of citizens occupied the streets of hundreds of Chinese cities demanding an end to government corruption and authoritarian rule. The uprisings were crushed by troops and agents of the People’s Liberation Army, yet a quarter of a century later many sensitive questions remain unanswered. Why do the Chinese ruling authorities still refuse to acknowledge publicly the events? Why do so many who survived the massacres still struggle with open wounds? Why should the June 4th events symbolised by Tiananmen Square today be remembered? Are there perhaps new reasons for doing so – compelling reasons that hve much to do with the vital importance of the past in shaping the political future of China?

The evening featured poems, photography, videos, and a range of contributors including: Geremie Barmé, Kerry Brown, Rowan Callick, Tsebin Tchen, Chee Soon Juan, Jocelyn Chey, Jon von Kowallis, Murong Xuecun, Sun Baoqiang and Wang Xu.

Videos played at the event:

1. Chen Guangcheng


2. Murong Xuecun on ‘June 4th’


Follow-up articles:
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  2. ARTICLE | Tiananmen 25 years on: CCP now fears the masses gathering online


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