EVENTS | Robots: the unfinished revolution

  • Friday 7 August 2015 6:00-8:00pm
  • The Great Hall, University of Sydney
  • Speakers: Ivan M. Havel, Tereza Todorová, Associate Professor Fabio Ramos, Associate Professor Mari Velonaki and Professor John Keane(chair)
  • Co-presented with Sydney Ideas and the Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sydney

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We’re living through a second machine age revolution featuring the application of artificial intelligence and digital robots to ever-widening spheres of daily life. Many innovations are astonishing: their ingenuity and boldness are triggering utopian hopes for life on Earth and dystopian fears of a future in which human freedom and equality are swallowed up by intelligent design.

The first-ever use of the word ‘robot’ is credited to the Czech writer Karel Čapek (1890–1938), whose R.U.R. Rosumovi Univerzáln’ Roboti (Rossum’s Universal Robots) portrays a world overrun by robots who had seemed ‘happy’ to work for humans at first. This celebration of Čapek’s work will revisit his classic play and examine its lingering significance in light of today’s revolutionary developments in the field of robotics.

A panel of distinguished speakers will assess the contours of the unfinished revolution and consider why it is triggering hopes and fears and what these tell us about power, politics and the human condition in these early years of the 21st century. “Sulla isn’t a person, Miss Glory, she’s a robot.”(R.U.R.)

Photos of the event:

Robots: the unfinished revolution



PODCAST | Experts gather at Sydney University to discuss the ‘unfinished robot revolution’

Friday 7 August 2015 6:42AM (view full episode)

They used to be a thing of science fiction, but robots are a reality, taking on many of the tasks usually performed by humans.

Some argue its a second machine-age revolution, and today experts will gather at Sydney University to discuss the ‘unfinished robot revolution‘. Event link:

One of the experts appearing at the event is Sydney University Associate Professor in robotics and artificial intelligence, Fabio Ramos.

He says artificial intelligence should be used for the common good, and he’s working on developing life-changing devices for people who have suffered cognitive impairment.

Listen to the podcast:


Professor Ramos joins Fran Kelly on RN Breakfast.