Join us for seven days of exciting talks, debates and art focused squarely on the new, challenging and dangerous political trends facing all democracies today.

The Festival will tackle pressing democratic questions including why race is still an easily ignitable issue, how to understand the global rise of populism and ‘where to now’ for our democracies in the context of global economic and political developments.

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We need to talk about Antarctica

1 September 6pm

Eid al-Fitr

3 September 5pm 

Populism, Race and Democracy

6 September 6pm 

We the People

2 September 5pm 

Return of Lost Souls

3 September 5pm 

Age of Bleaching and Leaching

7 September 12.30pm 

The Revolution of Dignity

2 September 7pm 

On the Margins of China

5 September 5pm 

Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy