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16-17 October, 2015 | The University of Sydney

Welcome to the 2015 Festival of Democracy.

Join us at the University of Sydney for two days of exciting talks, debates and art focused squarely on the new, challenging and dangerous political trends facing all democracies today.

The Festival is open to all, and there’s something for everybody.

There will be contributions on citizens under surveillance, the Spanish democratic laboratory, the plight of the Rohingya, and radioactive waste dumping.

Come and discuss continuous political campaigning; activism and the role of professionals; constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; China and Antarctica; and the high voltage between despair and defiance.

Register here for the whole Festival


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The Goddess of Democracy, a statue by Chen Weiming, will be exhibited in the Quadrangle Building at the University of Sydney during the Festival.

Click the titles of each event below for more information and to register
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The Professionals

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Surveillance Facts and Fictions

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Heterotopia: Holding a Mirror to Indifference

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Recognition and Beyond

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We Need to Talk about Spain

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Machiavelli Today

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China as a Polar Great Power

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No Nuclear Waste Dump!

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Despair and Defiance

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