IN THE NEWS | The Goddess of Democracy – Statue by Chen Weiming

On Thursday 4 June 2015, Chinese-born sculptor Chen Weiming exhibited the 3.2 metres high fiberglass statue of the Goddess of Democracy he built in a press conference held by the ‘Sydney Network for Democracy in China’ in Belmore Park. The focus of the event was commemorating the 1989 June 4th Tiananmen Democracy Movement. Chen Weiming spoke about the reasons he decided to build the statues and his wish to China’s democracy.


VIDEO | Goddess of Democracy Debut in Sydney

Originally published on VOA Chinese, June 4th 2015


VIDEO | Chinese 2CR – Dr. Lin Interview with Associate Professor Chen Kin-Man, Dr. Jennifer Chan and Fan Chun Wing (Cantonese)


VIDEO | Press Conference: Statue ‘Goddess of Democracy’ arrives in Sydney (Mandarin) 5 June 2015

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IMAGE: Provided by Chen Weiming