FESTIVAL | Project Z: The Final Global Event (Film)

  • Date: Thursday 25 SeptemberFoD-blockNEWorange
  • Time: 4:00-5:30pm
  • Venue: Oriental Room S204, The Quadrangle, University of Sydney
  • Cost: Free event with registration required on Eventbrite

Project Z is a documentary film by James Der Derian (Human Terrain, After 9/11, VY2K), Phillip Gara (Virtuous War 2.0, Disastrous Horizons, The Costs of War) and the Global Media Project in association with Littoral Film and Oxyopia Productions and with the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

At once a road-trip, detective story, and zombie flic, Project Z is a startling investigation into worst-case scenarios produced after the Cold War by the media, military and entertainment industry that weigh upon the living like the undead.

Beginning in the Mojave Desert and ending on Wall Street, Project Z tracks from the end of the Cold War to the wake of the Arab Spring the emergence of a military-industrial-media-entertainment network. Project Z reveals how this unholy alliance creates and amplifies the crises it seeks to anticipate and prevent through war games, computer models, complex financial systems, and networked technology. Combining rare footage from inside the war machine with corrosive commentary by leading critics of global violence and inequality, the film challenges the living to reclaim the past from the undead and to write their own democratic future before the final global event.



From the DOK Leipzig Selection Committee:

‘An applied media criticism trip into the mindset of the military superpower USA: “Projekt Z” works like a black box in which various materials were deposited: interview clips with high-ranking military officers, politicians, scientists, but also fragments of reports, official and less official images. The contents of this box are spilled in front of the audience to uncover connections. A whiff of WikiLeaks wafts through the cinema. The trail leads back to the early 1990s. After the end of the Cold War, the US military are faced with the challenge of finding a new enemy. No threat, no innovation. In new training centres in the desert soldiers puzzle over who they are going to fight in the future and, most of all, how and with what equipment. The idea of “simulation” revives the collaboration between the armed forces, sciences and the entertainment industry – so the inevitable Jack Valenti comes in. A militarisation of society by means of a virtual enemy who, after 9/11, is declared a zombie once and for all – “Z” as in “Zombie”. From now on America is fighting the spirits it called upon itself. The second part of the film analyses the current situation in rapid interview collages and asks what must happen for the virtual bubble to avoid the ultimate accident – comparable only to a gigantic market crash, as Paul Virilio believes. Welcome to the present day.’

Executive Producer: James Der Derian
Director: Phillip Gara
Writer: James Der Derian
Cinematography: James Der Derian and Phillip Gara
Editor: Phillip Gara
Music/Composer: Brian Knoth, Ben Leadbetter, Alec Redfern and Bob Fish