PODCAST | Festival of Democracy – We Need to Talk about Antarctica

  • Time: 1 September 2016 6pm
  • Venue: Law Foyer, Eastern Avenue, The University of Sydney
  • Speakers: Anne-Marie Brady, Indi Hodgson-Johnston, Matt King and Tony Press

Co-hosted with Sydney Ideas

For more than half a century, the fragile and frozen continent of Antarctica has been protected by ‘post-sovereign’ governing arrangements that are unusual by global standards. There are now clear signs of their breakdown. State rivalries, environmental damage and a dash for resources, including tourism revenues, are pushing the continent towards a highly uncertain future.

This public forum will tackle the pressing questions: What do scientists working in Antarctica have to teach us? Are military and commercial adventures becoming a reality and does Australia have a ‘national interest’ in the continent? What are the chances of reforming and strengthening the Antarctic Treaty System? Can citizens play a role in shaping its future?