PODCAST | Fragile Democracies, Volatile Politics and the Quest for a Free Media

This is part of the Democracy Futures Seminar Series. Tuesday 16 September 2015.

A free media system independent of political interference is vital for democracy, and yet politicians in different parts of the world try to control information flows. Young and emerging democracies are particularly vulnerable to media capture by political and corporate interests because of their fragile institutions, polarized civil society, and transnational economic pressures. However, as the case of Silvio Berlusconiplainly shows, manipulation of the media is also possible in well-established democracies.

In this seminar, Professor Jan Zielonka analyses the relationship between the media and politics from both theoretical and empirical angles. He draws on a vast set of data assembled by the research team of Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, a large international project financed by the European Research Council.

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