PODCAST | Networked Intimacy : dating apps, sex and the digital transformation of modern romance

This is part of the Democracy Futures seminar series

Speaker: Dr Mitchell Hobbs, University of Sydney



In Liquid Love Zygmunt Bauman argues that the solidity and security once provided by ‘life-long’ partnerships has been ‘liquefied’ by rampant individualisation and rapid social and technological change. This seminar explores past and present experiences of digital dating and ‘hook-up applications’ in order to empirically assess the extent to which a digital transformation of intimacy might be underway and magnified by new communication technologies.

Dr Mitchell Hobbs is Lecturer in Media and Public Relations at the University of Sydney. His professional experiences and research activities have given him unique insights into communication power and its capacity for social and political change. Notably, Hobbs worked in political public relations for Prime Minister Julia Gillard (2011-2012), where he was responsible for the implementation her media and communication activities in Melbourne.