PODCAST | The Origin and Extinction of Species


This is part of the Festival of Democracy 2017

Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859) caused a theological and political sensation by proposing that the diversity of human and non-human life on Earth arose by common descent through branching patterns of evolution. Three generations on, things are very different, as his great-great grandson Chris Darwin explains in the Australian premiere of a documentary about his concern with the global mass extinction of species. He is joined by the documentary filmmaker, Plamena Slavcheva, and by two distinguished critics of the extinction of living species: Michelle Cooper, General Manager of Threatened Species at Melbourne Zoo and Dr Dinesh Wadiwel, convenor of the Human Animal Research Network at the University of Sydney. Together they probe some fundamental questions: why should humans be concerned about the massive daily extinction of species? Can anything be done to slow down or reverse this unprecedented trend? And what, if anything, does any of this have to do with democracy?

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