PODCAST | Playing with Fear: Donald Trump and the New Politics of Frustration

This is part of the Democracy Futures seminar series, 18 May 2016


If the most respected political pundits in the US had been asked one year ago whether Donald Trump could win the Republican Party’s nomination for president, every one of them would have confidently answered ‘no’. Trump’s rise was unanticipated by the political class, and speculation about his ‘inevitable’ demise has been grossly exaggerated.

In this lecture Michael Ondaatje asks: What is happening in America? Ondaatje examines the roots of the fear and frustration that have turned American politics on its head and made a Trump presidency possible. He looks closely at Trump and his presidential rivals – most notably, Hillary Clinton – and maps out the electoral road between now and November. This US election has enormous political and economic implications for America and the world. Ondaatje peers into the post-Obama future and considers what lies ahead.

Michael L. Ondaatje is National Head of the School of Arts, and Associate Professor of History, at Australian Catholic University. In 2012, Ondaatje was awarded the Max Crawford Medal, ‘Australia’s most prestigious award for achievement and promise in the humanities’.