PODCAST | Podemos: a new beginning for progressive politics – or dead end?

This is part of the SDN Democracy Futures seminar series

The Spanish political movement Podemos rose to prominence in the elections to the European Union Parliament in May 2014. Their discourse of ‘the people’ against ‘la casta’ of the established parties and institutions resonated with Spanish citizens in the aftermath of the economic crisis and the 15M movement. Since 2014, they have built up the organisational structure of the party and did well in the 2015 local and regional elections.

However, the re-run of the general election in June this year was a disappointment. Podemos has gone from defining a clear opposition between the people and la casta to representing themselves as the defenders of social democracy. Gradually, the organisation has also become more top-down. Lasse and Simon will discuss the changes in Podemos’ discourse and the possible lessons from their successes and failures.

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