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Abi is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Government and International Relations, supervised by Professor John Keane at the Sydney Democracy Network, and is the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award. Abi’s research focuses on destabilising our inherited concepts of the citizen and citizenship, and examines the ways in which irregular migrants juggle precariousness, vulnerability and bureaucracy to produce of new forms of citizenship and “being” political. Using the case study of the city of Marseille, the thesis offers fresh thinking on the potential of the city-as-refuge in the 21st century – in ways that the state is not – through an examination of the everyday practices, relationships, and contestations of non-citizens in and through the city and its spaces.

Abi holds a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (Hons I) degree from the University of Sydney, where she was also awarded the University Medal. Her previous research has focused on the relationship between sovereignty, rights, and outsiders, as applied to the contemporary regime of deterritorialised immigration detention.

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