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Aidan Anderson


Aidan Anderson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Relations (Honours) and a Bachelor of Teaching in Secondary Education. Prior to commencing his PhD at Sydney University, he worked for several years as a high school English teacher. His research focuses on a central theme: how are people convinced to act in the way they do? More specifically, how are voters persuaded to support (or oppose) policies that are against (or in) their own interests and which benefit the wealthy elite? Using the demise of the Australian Resource Super Profit Tax as a case study, Aidan is exploring theories of hegemony, ideology, corporate power and critical discourse.

Aidan has also written several creative works. He was shortlisted for the 2014 Vogel Literary Award and runner up in the 2015 Questions Writing Prize. He spoke at the 2015 Melbourne Writers Festival on a panel for emerging young writers. His work has been published in a collection of short stories, Overland Literary Journal, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and various online publications. On Twitter he’s @andtheson and his blog can be found at andtheson.wordpress.com.


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