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Benedetta Brevini


Dr Benedetta Brevini is a journalist, media activist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. She has worked for CNBC and RAI in Milan, New York and London. She writes on The Guardian’s Comment is Free and contributes to a number of print and web publications including the Index of Censorship and OpenDemocracy and The ConversationShe is the author of Public Service Broadcasting online (2013), editor of Beyond Wikileaks (2013) and Carbon Capitalism and Communication: Confronting Climate Crisis (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), and is currently editing Media and Climate Change (forthcoming with Peter Lang, 2018).

Benedetta’s research is grounded in a critical political economy that investigates the relations between communications, politics, power and inequality. It has three main strands. The first explores media policies and media reforms in comparative settings and the roles of political, economic and corporate power in sustaining or thwarting the development of media systems which are functioning in the public interest. The second approaches the contradictory structure of the internet and social media as the sites of a continuous, and intensifying power struggle between openness and closure, surveillance and freedom, censorship and free speech, exclusion and access. The third examines the connections between communication, politics, economics and science in order to enhance our understanding of the relationship between communication systems and climate change.

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