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Benedetta Brevini


Dr Benedetta Brevini is Lecturer in Communication and Media at the University of Sydney and Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism at City University, London. She is also an associate of the Sydney Democracy Network. Before joining the Media and Communication Department in 2013, she worked in London as Lecturer for City University and Brunel University. Dr Brevini is also an experienced journalist who has worked in Milan, New York and London for CNBC and RAI. She writes on The Guardian’s Comment is Free and contributes to a number of print and web publications including the Index of Censorship and Red Pepper Magazine. She is a member of the coordinating committee of the UK based Media Reform Coalition whose role is to coordinate the most effective contributions by civil society groups, academics and media campaigners to debates over media regulation, ownership and democracy.  Benedetta’s research addresses a range of current issues in global media policy and the political economy of online media. She is particularly interested in the politics of media and power, the relationship between media and democracy and global media reforms. Her work has appeared in international publications like the European Journal of Communication, Interaction: Studies in Communication and Culture, Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, and Political Communication Polcom.

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