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Benjamin Moffitt


Dr. Benjamin Moffitt is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University. His postdoctoral research revolves around developing the concept of ‘transnational populism’ as a way of understanding recent populist characterisations of ‘the people’ that go beyond the limits of national boundaries. These new characterisations are intricately tied to important shifts in the global political, technological and mediatic landscapes, and present new challenges for understanding populism’s relationship to representation, sovereignty and democracy. He is also working on a book manuscript derived from his PhD research, which puts forward a new understanding on populism as a distinct ‘political style’, moving from seeing populism as a ‘thing’ or ‘entity’ towards viewing it as a style that performed, embodied and enacted across a variety of political contexts. He was awarded his PhD from the Department of Government & International Relations  at the University of Sydney, where he was the holder of an Australian Postgraduate Award and University of Sydney Merit Award. His thesis explored the complex relationship between contemporary populism and democracy from the intersection of political theory and political sociology.