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Chris Hamer


Associate Professor Chris Hamer is a Visiting Associate Professor in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He is also the founder and President of the World Citizens Association of Australia, and also Chairman of the Institute of Global Peace and Sustainable Development. He obtained his PhD at the California Institute of Technology in 1972, and pursued a career in theoretical physics. He has long been interested in the problem of eliminating nuclear weapons, and in the ideal of democratic global governance as the only means to resolve this and other pressing global problems such as climate change. He was formerly National Secretary of Scientists Against Nuclear Arms (SANA) in Australia, and is currently president, in a caretaker role, of Scientists for Global Responsibility (Australia), the successor to SANA. He continues to teach two general education courses at the University of New South Wales, one on ‘Nuclear Arms and the New World Order’, and the other on ‘International Governance in the 21st Century’. He has long been a convinced advocate of world federation, and has written and published a book: Christopher Hamer, ‘A Global Parliament: Principles of World Federation’ (Oyster Bay Books, 1998), now available from Amazon CreateSpace.