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James Alexander


James Alexander is the Co-founder of INCUBATE, Asia Pacific’s first student union provided startup accelerator and entrepreneur program at the University of Sydney. Developed with the University of Sydney Union, they provide funding, guidance and mentorship from recognised entrepreneurs to help launch high-potential startups on campus. James completed his Computer Science degree with Honours in 2012 and has a keen interest helping entrepreneurial and innovative students succeed. He strongly believes in thinking about technology as the enabler for creative and innovative solutions to the worlds largest problems. Heavily involved at the University of Sydney he founded the first startup accelerator and entrepreneur program, co-founded the first contemporary music society and the first Rotaract (Rotary) society. He often helps advise in corporate sponsorship on campus, major events and promotion of university programs and events. James was also an Editor for Honi Soit, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected student publications introducing the first Tech and Online section into the newspaper.

  • In April 2013, James presented at an all day-long seminar: “Does Truth Really Matter in Australian Politics? Political Accountability in an Era of Agitated Media”, alongside Peter Fray. Watch his Powerpoint on Slideshare: Forecast: Cloudy with Disruptive Periods.


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