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Kurt Iveson is Associate Professor of Urban Geography in the School of Geosciences at the University of Sydney. He has a PhD in Urban Studies from the Australian National University, and was a Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography at the University of Durham (UK) before taking up his current position in Sydney. Kurt is especially interested in the relationship between cities and citizenship. His research has addressed questions such as: what is the on-going significance of the urban for the formation and representation of publics and counterpublics? how can citizens organise themselves to make their cities more just and more democratic? how are the possibilities and practices of urban citizenship being transformed through engagement with new media technologies? He is author of the book Publics and the City, co-author of Planning and Diversity in the City: Redistribution, Recognition and Encounter, and co-author of a forthcoming book on the politics of encounter in urban multicultures. Kurt has also been actively involved in progressive alliance-building efforts in Sydney through the Sydney Alliance, and is starting a project with fellow SDN Associate Dr Amanda Tattersall to map and analyse the experience of urban alliance-building around the world.


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