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Michael West


Michael West is an investigative journalist whose work is focused on the Australian financial, business and government sectors, and adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, School of Social and Political Sciences. He is a Walkley Award winner whose career began on the Australian Financial Review. He founded the Margin Call column at The Australian newspaper, and has worked for many years at News Ltd and Fairfax Media as a commentator and Business Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.  His investigations into multinational tax avoidance were instrumental in establishing the Senate Inquiry into Corporate Tax Avoidance in 2015 and subsequent corporate tax reforms by Parliament. His investigations into “gold-plating” in the electricity sector helped to establish the Senate Inquiry into Electricity Networks in 2014. Prior to the global financial crisis his work in exposing the “financial engineers” such as Macquarie Bank, Allco Finance and Babcock & Brown for aggressive business practices had a significant impact on corporate Australia.

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