networked politics

Based at the University of Sydney, this research initiative challenges prevailing preconceptions, exposes misleading assumptions and stimulates fresh thinking about the growing influence of digital networks and communication media on the increasingly mediated field of political life, broadly conceived. This research initiative is cross-disciplinary and explores a wide range of issues which include: privacy and security, the meaning and future of citizenship in a networked world, the future of journalism, objectivity in the news, and the merits of the right to be forgotten, by erasing our digital existence. The Networked Politics initiative also aims to provide a critical platform for assessing Australia’s progress in the digital age. We are looking as well at the issue of digital divides and generation gaps, the relationship between social marketing, social media and political participation, the future of representative politics and the impact of digital networks on local communities.

IMAGE: The GCHQ is at the heart of surveillance operations in the UK.

Flickr/UK Defence Ministry, CC BY-SA


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