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Olga Oleinikova


Olga Oleinikova is Ukraine-born public sociologist, civic activist and entrepreneur. She has 7+ years of experience in specialist quantitative and qualitative research across market research industry and non-profit sectors. She has completed her PhD at the University of Sydney. As a teaching fellow at the department of sociology and social policy Olga taught “Sociology of Terror”, “Introduction to Sociology” and “Global Society & Culture” units. She’s currently driving the establishment of a Ukraine Democracy Initiative (UDI). Based at University of Sydney, the main goal of UDI is to build a global network of scholars, institutions and pro-democratic groups and NGOs who are bound by the wish to assist Ukraine in building democracy and to help them cooperate on a global level. Olga holds positions in several non-profit organisations active in Australia, including the Australia-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce where Olga drives partnerships across NGO & Business sector in Australia and Ukraine.