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Selen A. Ercan


Selen A. Ercan is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Canberra, Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance. Selen works in the area of contemporary democratic theory with a particular focus on deliberative democracy. Selen completed her PhD in Political Science at the Australian National University (with Prof John Dryzek), her MA in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Heidelberg (Germany, with Prof Wolfgang Merkel, and her BA in Political Science and Public Administration at METU (Turkey). Her PhD thesis investigated the capacity of deliberative democratic approach in situations characterised by irreconcilable value differences and conflicts in contemporary multicultural societies, and offered a way of expanding this approach by drawing on the insights suggested by agonistic pluralism. Aside from deliberative democracy, Selen’s current research interests include: alternative forms of political participation, protest movements, and agonism.