Abi Taylor


Abi Taylor is a third year doctoral candidate at the Department of Government and International Relations and Sydney Democracy Network, supervised by Assoc. Professor Alex Lefebvre, and is the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award.  Abi’s dissertation analyses present-day “crimes of solidarity” in France relative to its vexed relation with the notion of hospitality and political doctrine of universalism and secularism and, and how such ideals interweave with securitarian and humanitarian rationalities of the French state deployed to govern migrant mobility and citizenship.

Abi holds a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (Hons I) degree from the University of Sydney, where she was also awarded the University Medal. Her previous research has focused on the relationship between sovereignty, rights, and outsiders, as applied to the contemporary regime of deterritorialised immigration detention.

Contact: abigail.taylor@sydney.edu.au