Christine Milne


Christine Milne is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected environmental, community and political activists, with a career spanning 30 years.

Arrested and jailed in the Franklin dam campaign in 1983, she later led a highly successful alliance of farmers, fishers, scientists, environmentalists and concerned community members from Wesley Vale to prevent the construction of a polluting pulp mill.

Christine was elected to the Tasmanian parliament in 1989, and became the first woman to lead a political party in Tasmania in 1993. Her Private member’s Bill secured gay law reform in Tasmania in 1997 and she was instrumental in driving gun law reform. Elected to the Senate in 2004, she was elected Leader of the Australian Greens in April 2012.

Christine’s vision, her deep policy knowledge about climate change and renewable energy and her unparalleled experience with power-sharing minority governments led to the establishment of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee and its successful negotiations to design the Clean Energy Future package.

Christine grew up on a dairy farm, and she has demonstrated a commitment to and understanding of farmers through her career. Her passion for regional Australia and the future of the country’s food production is widely appreciated.  She is an advocate for local and global food security, sustainable agriculture, biosecurity, healthy eating, and a fair go for farmers.

Christine is passionate about restoring strength and integrity to democracy which she believes has deteriorated to plutocracy with the rise of corporate power and campaign finance.

Christine Milne resigned from the Leadership of the Australian Greens and the Australian Senate in 2015.