Jean Jonathan Bogais


Jean Jonathan Bogais is a sociologist (political sociology and intercultural psychology), a specialist in foreign affairs, and a strategic adviser with over three decades of academic and practical experience working in complex environments. During this time, he has had a considerable on-the-ground involvement in Southeast Asia. His expertise is in conflict, violence (structural & political), intercultural relations, ethnoculturalism and ethnonationalism, negotiation, peacebuilding, and geosecurity. He has served as an analyst, strategic adviser, UN negotiator, and foreign correspondent and has had ongoing involvement in international missions, negotiations and peacebuilding initiatives.

Dr Bogais supervises systematic reviews and analyses. He advises officials, diplomats, negotiators and strategists on methodologies in areas of conflict analysis, mediation, ethics and protocols in humanitarian interventions, and program development and evaluations in complex environments. He delivers training programs in these areas.

He is an associate professor (adjunct) in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, School of Social and Political Sciences, at the University of Sydney. He teaches in various masters’ degree programs, including human rights and democratization and development studies. He supervises postgraduate students and mentors postdoctoral researchers in security and development, peacebuilding, conflict, ethnoculturalism and ethnonationalism, and media, with a focus on Southeast Asia and West Pacific.

Dr Bogais is a Senior Associate, Sumitro Chair for Southeast Asian Studies, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC, U.S.

He holds a master’s degree in intercultural psychology and a PhD in sociology from Paris-Sorbonne.

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