Nivek Thompson


Nivek Thompson is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS. Her research focuses on the impact of democratic innovations on the attitudes of political elites to the role of citizens in our democracy.

Nivek is also the host and producer of Real Democracy Now! A podcast. This podcast is for people who think we can and should do democracy better. In this podcast Nivek talks with experts, practitioners, change agents and everyday people about how democracy works and how we might do it better. Real Democracy Now! a podcast looks at democracy from different angles to help listeners think more deeply about democracy and identify the ways you think it could be improved.

The first season of Real Democracy Now! a podcast, looked at deliberative mini-publics, often called citizens’ juries, which are a very popular democratic innovation around the world. The second season looks at representative democracy generally and season 3 will be looking at elections, voting and alternatives.