Takashi Inoguchi


Professor Takashi Inoguchi is the President, the University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan since 2009, Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo since 2005, and former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. With his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1974, he has been widely known for his prolific work on Japan, international affairs, quality of life and democracy in Asia.

He has published some 100 books in Japanese and some 40 books in English in addition to numerous journal articles both in Japanese and English. His total Google citation count registers 2905 with the Hirsh index of 29 (as of May 18, 2016).

He has been Director of the AsiaBarometer Survey since 2002 making him the only scholar, worldwide, who has carried out in all 32 Asian countries west of the Middle East. He has also been the founding editor of three journals: Japanese Journal of Political Science (Cambridge University Press), International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (Oxford University Press), and Asian Journal of Comparative Politics (SAGE Publications).

For his wide-ranging contributions to academic work and infrastructure building, he has been awarded the Suntory best book award, the International Communication Fund excellent research award, the International Society for Quality of Life Studies distinguished research fellow award, and the Association of American Publishers’ Proze award (for his contribution to The International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, second edition).


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