FESTIVAL | Power, People, Democracy

  • Time: 1:00 – 5:00pmFoD-blockNEWorange
  • Date: Saturday 27th September
  • Venue: New Law School Annex SR340, University of Sydney
  • Cost: Free event with pre-registration required on Eventbrite

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

This is a critical time for deciding Australia’s renewable energy future.

Polls and surveys consistently show that the vast majority of Australians believe that their Government should be doing more to move the country toward renewable energy. Despite this evidence, vested interests have been extremely effective at lobbying the Australian government to dismantle all of the policies and institutions that have been established to help develop the renewable energy sector.

So where to from here?

Power, People, Democracy is a public talk and workshop that asks: Can we democratise our energy production, distribution and governance? It brings together some of Australia’s most prominent critical thinkers and government representatives who are working in the field of sustainability and renewable energy including:

This event has been imagined as a journey with a very practical aim in sight: to reclaim a clean energy future for Australia.  To achieve this, we will discuss what more we can do to develop models, practices, relationships and infrastructures that will move us from a position of renewable energy laggards to renewable energy leaders. We begin with a public talk to explore the issues and we will follow with a workshop for those who’d like to develop new collaborations and partnerships to move us forward.

For more information see http://powerpeopledemocracy.net/






bio-pic.Rupert Daniel is currently working as a consultant in Sydney. He has twenty years’ experience as a Director and CEO of social development NGOs, social enterprises, and community sector organisations. While the focus of his recent work has been growing renewal and regeneration initiatives in Australia, Rupert has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from communication to the design, development and implementation of social and economic programs. Examples of his work include the design and implementation of: an online infrastructure support network for UK civil society and social action organisations; an infrastructure partnership to support the modernisation of UK third sector agencies; an equality policy implemented across local, regional and national UK government through the use of a Compact agreement. Rupert also has expertise in events and conference management covering the arts, public policy and education.