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All contributors and participants attending the Encounter with Yu Keping (12th April) are urged to access the following background/core English-language materials, especially those marked *. For greater in-depth coverage of particular topics, additional readings are also listed.

Specialists will also find useful the list of additional Chinese-language materials written by Yu Keping.

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  • Yu Keping’s principal books in Chinese
  1. Democratic Governance and Political Reform in China 《敬畏民意:中国的民主治理与政治改革》(2012)
  2. Essays on the Modernization of State Governance 《论国家治理现代化》
  3. Democracy and the Spinning Top 《民主与陀螺》 (2006)
  4. Incremental Democracy and Good Governance 《增量民主与善治》(2003)
  5. Globalization and Political Development 《全球化与政治发展》(2003)
  6. Emancipation of Mind and Political Progress 《思想解放与政治进步》(2007)
  7. Communitarianism 《社群主义》(2000)


  • Co-authored
  1. Consensus of Reform and the Future of China 《改革共识与中国未来》(2013)
  2. China in the Next 30 Years 《中国未来30年》(2011)


  • Edited
  1. The Globalization Paradox: Globalization and Contemporary Socialism and Capitalism 《全球化的悖论:全球化与当代社会主义、资本主义》(1998)
  2. Governance Assessment: China and the World 《国家治理评估-中国与世界》(2009)
  3. Governance Innovations in China: Research Based on China Local Governance Innovations Awards 《政府创新的中国经验:基于“中国地方政府创新奖”的研究》(2011)
  4. Happiness and Dignity: Vision of a Future 《幸福与尊严:一种关于未来的设计》(2012)
  5.      The Bottom Line of the State: Justice & Rule of Law 《国家底线:公平正义与依法治国》(2014)
  6. Governance and Adaptation of the Chinese Communist Party: A Comparative Perspective 《中共的治理与适应》(2015)