VIDEO | Growing Indigenous Media in a Changing Media Landscape


This is part of the Festival of Democracy 2017

Luke will discuss the cultural and political importance of Indigenous media and the obstacles he’s faced in building up IndigenousX as a viable online platform. His talk explores the challenges of sharing Indigenous knowledge, the highlights of IndigenousX’s impact, and the special consciousness-raising role played by Indigenous media within a fast-changing media landscape.


Luke Pearson, a Gamilaroi man, is the founder of IndigenousX, an independent and 100% Indigenous-run media organisation that works across multiple platforms and has many partnerships and collaborations with Indigenous writers, organisations and mainstream media, most notably via the IndigenousX Guardian collaboration.

Luke has worked as a teacher, writer, editor, researcher, public speaker, consultant, campaigner and digital producer, and has played a prominent role in the development of Indigenous-led media and online storytelling.