VIDEO | Rethinking Territory: an hour with Bruno Latour


This is part of the Festival of Democracy 2017

Tamson Pietsch, Co-Director of the Australian Centre for Public History at UTS, will introduce the screening of this influential [2015] lecture by Bruno Latour, where he calls for the re-imagining of territory and the need for building new forms of representation beyond state-defined borders. Latour likens our Anthropocene era to that of Thomas Hobbes in the 17th century: we live in a new ‘state of war’ featuring bitter strife about such global matters as coal, nuclear power, rising temperatures and the acidification of our oceans, yet we lack flexible and effective governing arrangements to deal with these and other global problems. Global government cannot be the solution, Latour says. There’s instead a pressing need to ‘re-invent territory’ – and to imagine radically new institutional forms of representing our overlapping local attachments to the territories in which we dwell.  

The Bruno Latour lecture screened at this session can be watched here:

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