VIDEO | Festival of Democracy – We the People

  • Time: 2 September 2016 5pm
  • Venue: Law Lounge, Sydney Law School Annex, The University of Sydney
  • Speakers: Henrik Bang, Mark Chou, Anika Gauja, Ben Moffitt, Nick Rowley and Adele Webb | Chaird by Simon Tormey

Populism is everywhere on the rise. Why is this happening? Why are the peddlers of populism proving so popular? Are there deep forces driving the spread of their style of politics, and what, if anything, has populism to do with democracy? Is it its ‘essence’, as some maintain? Is the new populism therefore to be welcomed, harnessed and ‘mainstreamed’ in support of more democracy?

Or is populism on balance politically dangerous, a cultish recipe for renewing what George Orwell termed the ‘smelly little orthodoxies’ that feed big and bossy power?